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Palmer A-Frame Knock-out Decoring Machines - Manual

Palmer Manufacturing designs and supplies core knock-out equipment for virtually any casting. Palmer's experience in vibration tooling design allows us to manufacture decoring equipment for virtually any casting or sand process type. From simple A-Frame decoring units to the complete fully automatic units, Palmer is here to serve.


  • High productivity with simplicity
  • Minimal moving and wear parts

Machine Description

The mechanical assembly consists of : 

  • A-Frame mounting system 
  • High impact pneumatic hammer
  • Foot pedal for clamping and vibration

The Palmer Process

  • Operator lifts or holds casting in place
  • Operator engages foot pedal to begin operation
  • Air hammer extends, clamps part, and begins vibration
  • Operator runs air hammer until decoring is complete

Hammer Details

  • Greater impact force than others. 
  • Fewer moving parts mean lower maintenance and refurbishing costs 
  • Operates in any attitude 
  • Totally sealed mechanism means longer life 
  • Exhaust can be vented outside of work area for noise reduction 
  • Hammer model DTA was specifically designed to replace hammers from others' machines

Model Description

  • Hammering begins immediately when anvil meets the part

Available Hammers (sold separately)


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Catalog Page MANUAL Knock-out Decoring Machines

Standard A-Frame Core Knock Out Machine Shown





DTE 2231 EP DTE 2634 EP DTE 2638 EP
Maximum Stroke 3.375" 5.75" 5.1"
Recommended Working Stroke 1.5" 2.75" 4"
Strokes Per Minute 1700 1200 1200
Air Consumption (CFM) 14 14 13
Overall Length - Cylinder In

(With tool retainer but without anvil and air nipple)

15.75" 19.5" 19"
Overall Length -
Cylinder Out

(With tool retainer but without anvil and air nipple)

19" 25" 24"
Weight Without Anvil (Pounds) 38 49 48.5
Maximum Air Pressure (PSI) 90 90 90
Hose Size (Inches) 3/8" 3/8" 1/2" Hammering Hose



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