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Palmer Bulk Transfer System (BTS)

The Palmer Bulk Transfer System (BTS) draws on Palmer’s decades of pumping, metering and storage of a variety of difficult-to-handle-and-store chemicals, especially those associated with chemically bonded sand molding systems.

Safety is a major concern at all times, but proper handling is especially critical with flammable solvent bearing chemicals.

The Palmer BTS consists of:

  • Bulk supply tanks, anywhere from drums or totes up to properly designed storage tanks holding thousands of gallons. These bulk storage containers are located in a fireproof room or any logical location
  • A properly designed pumping system consisting of anywhere from simple gear pumps up to high pressure magnetically coupled pumps of a variety of exotic alloys for correct capacity and compatibility.

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  • Small logically sized day tanks for each liquid located at the point of usage for either continuous, batch or other type of mixer.  These tanks can be heated with temperature sensitive heaters to keep chemicals at the optimum temperature for accurate metering and mixing. These day tanks are equipped with precise, heavy duty, proximity switches mounted to translucent sight indicators to tell the bulk supply pumps to divert to fill the day tanks. The day tanks are vented back to supply.
  • A properly designed PLC based control system to maintain levels, monitor flow rates, troubleshoot system, and is complete with a color HMI with logically constructed menus to set flow rates, levels etc. This system can be set up to work with any operating system via Ethernet or existing internal operating system.  

The BTS can be configured to integrate with any existing metering system or the wide variety of Palmer RP retrofit pumping series of chemical metering systems, from the base RP system all the way to the state of the art Flowboss Mass Flowmeter pumping system.

The advantages of the Palmer BTS are many:

    The BTS keeps a minimum calculated amount of chemical at the point of usage which greatly reduces the possibility of potentially deadly fire as the bulk supply of flammable chemicals is away from hazardous areas.
    The BTS is much safer versus traditional methods of storing thousands of lbs of flammable materials in dangerous foundry areas, and therefore, fire insurance rates are often reduced. Resin fires have been known to completely engulf a facility which at a minimum can result in short term loss of production all the way to a complete loss of structure and in the worst case, injury or death.
    The BTS keeps the correct amount of chemical ready for use at all times automatically.
    The BTS can be equipped to operate with any existing operating system to monitor usage on an hourly, daily, weekly or monthly basis, along with Ethernet-based monitoring system or plant-wide operating system.  
    You can rest easy because you know the BTS is keeping your chemicals at the correct level and in the correct condition day after day. Remote monitoring is also available.
    When coupled with any of the extensive line of Palmer continuous or batch metering systems, you are assured of repeatable consistent long service life. All Palmer equipment is constructed utilizing internationally available first class components.

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