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Foundry Products:
PMH-H Gantry Style Mold Handlers

General Hydraulic Mold Handlers

PMH-H series mold handlers/manipulators are designed for use on both flask and flaskless molds. Designed as rugged and highly effective devices, the PMH-H will provide years of trouble free service.


The PMH-H series is 100% hydraulically controlled using world class hydraulic components. Clamping is accomplished using a high quality long stroke hydraulic cylinder with an automatic adjustable pressure sensor. This allows the clamping processing to be adjusted for large heavy work on thin side wall molds.


The PMH-H series mold handling system is designed to easily handle rated capacity off-center loads by approximately 10%. This, coupled with high strength steel gripping pads, ensures that you can roll even the toughest of jobs with ease. Rolling power comes from a hydraulic motor and a double or triple speed reduction chain and sprocket assembly. The speed reduction design gives you very accurate and powerful speed control with minimal energy requirements and is completely contained within the structure of a driving arm, providing protection yet is easily accessible for service.


The PMH-H mold handling system is leveled using a dedicated hydraulic cylinder, and trolley/beam assembly. Leveling can be accomplished manually by the operator or automatically using a solid state leveling switch.

The auto-leveling feature ensures that the operator can clamp and roll a mold single-handedly. This also makes locating the clamping jaws on the mold less critical.


The PMH-H is hydraulically powered using high quality and internationally available hydraulic components and controls. As always, this piece of Palmer equipment is designed to require a minimum of maintenance; yet, when maintenance is required, it is easy to perform.

All spare parts are off-the-shelf available either through the Palmer Spare Parts department or from a high quality industrial supplier.

Standard Sizes

Model Size Size
PMH-4000-H 58” maximum opening
24” minimum opening
30” swing radius
PMH-6000-H 62” maximum opening
30” minimum opening
36” swing radius
PMH-10000-H 96” maximum opening
48” minimum opening
48” swing radius

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