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Foundry Products:
KP-55 Drum Top Coating System


  • High solids sprayer, 55 gallons
  • Air operated, infinitely variable, double diaphragm pump
  • Complete air filter/lubricator/flow control system
  • 4-HP air motor for material agitation
  • Stainless steel propellers and shaft
  • “Quick-Flush” cleaning system
  • Adjustable volume spray gun

The KP-55 is designed to be a simple, rugged, cost effective solution to drum top coating dispensing. The unit comes complete with all components ready for use.

The air operated, double diaphragm pump is equipped with internal components that are specifically compatible with your coating. All internal wetted and non-wetted parts will provide excellent resistance to the chemical and abrasive wear that is common in wash handling applications.

The compressed air filter/lubricator/flow control system provides consistent, even air delivery to each component and is fully adjustable. Each component, the air motor, diaphragm pump, and spray gun can be adjusted independently for total coating control.

The 4 HP compressed air mixing motor in conjunction with the stainless steel propeller system provides constant, fully adjustable mixing action to keep the coating in full suspension. Cast iron construction allows for years of operation with minimal maintenance.

The “Quick-Flush” cleaning system allows for fast one valve purging of the pump, liquid lines, and gun. An NPT connection allows water to be diverted into the pump for easy cleaning.


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