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Foundry Products:
M-Series Line Sand Mixers Models

M1000XLD High Speed Continuous Mixer



  • Foundry 4.0 Control System (whole facility approach) for decision making, process improvement, equipment utilization and real time data collection.

    This integrated control system can see everything and collect the data that you want to see, in real time.

    • Monitor and control processes remotely
    • Data collection and analysis in real time
    • Production utilization
    • Data for more accurate decision
  • Four doors - no tools required.
  • High speed.
  • Heavy duty - low maintenance.
  • Easy operation.
  • Tungsten carbide tipped blades.
  • Precision chemical pumps.

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Standard Features 

  • Rugged - heavy-duty construction designed for years of use and abuse with minimal maintenance.
  • Simple design -- easy to operate/maintain.
  • Quick access mixing chamber doors. No tools required.
  • Tungsten-carbide tipped mixing blades for increased life. Twice the thickness of others.
  • Precision chemical pumps.
  • Test run in our facility prior to shipment to ensure proper operation before it hits your dock.
  • Many options available - mixer can be custom fitted to match the application's exact requirements.
  • Replacement parts available from Palmer or from high quality industrial supply houses in your area. Standard off-the-shelf components are used wherever possible so that parts availability is good and affordable.
  • Two year warranty.


System Overview 

Mixing Chamber - All Palmer mixing chambers feature ultra-heavy construction. The regenerative sand lining protects the primary fabrication while imparting the highest mixing efficiency possible. Heavy gage steel chambers with turned, ground, and polished mixer shafts are standard. Direct drive system - no gearboxes, belts, or chains.

Mixing Blades - All Palmer blades feature tungsten carbide tipped mixing blades. These blades offer extremely long life. Our 1/4" thick carbide is twice as thick as others.

Sand Metering - All Palmer mixers utilize fixed orifice sand metering devices for the ultimate in process consistency.

Pumping System - All Palmer mixers feature as standard magnetically coupled pumps. Palmer's resin delivery system ensures consistent resin flow and greatly reduced effects of resin viscosity changes as compared to others. A PLC is used to control all critical mixer timing functions to ensure usable first and last sand.


Air Jets 

All Palmer mixers feature easily removable resin delivery jets. Using the slip fit jet, the operator can easily calibrate at the actual point of resin entry, not a remote ball valve as others do. A low flow air assist keeps the resin ports open and aid in the up front blending of resin onto the sand.


Control System 

All Palmer mixers are fitted with a high quality electrical control system featuring standard OEM components and complete control integration. A PLC is used to control all critical mixer timing functions to ensure usable first and last sand.



Mixing Chamber/Motor Head Assembly  

The mixing chamber is a direct drive design that eliminates all maintenance associated with timing belt and gear drive
systems. The mixing chamber is made from heavy walled tubing that is externally reinforced for maximum rigidity and

The mixing chamber doors feature heavy-duty quick release knobs that allow for simple, easy access to the interior of
the chamber. The doors are hinged at the bottom and swing down to allow complete access to the mixing blades and
driveshaft. The hinged doors eliminate all ergonomic problems associated with the removal of fabricated components
from the mixer.

The heavy-duty driveshaft is made from ground and polished-stress proofed steel shafting and is direct coupled to the
main drive motor.

The mixing blades are faced with ¼” thick tungsten carbide and are a fixed position blade with predetermined angles and
head heights. This greatly simplifies the replacement process and eliminates the need for constant blade inspection and
adjustment found with other blade designs.

The mixing blades are overlapping and sized to allow a build up of resinous material that creates the lining of the inside of
the mixing chamber. This lining provides an optimum relationship between the end of the blade and the interior diameter of
the chamber. It is constantly maintained by each blade wear as it occurs. With this lining as an intentional part of the
mixing chamber, the daily cleaning consists of only removing the build up on the mixing blades and driveshaft.

The mixing chamber is designed to be as rugged yet simple as possible. The fixed position mixing blades, close tolerance regenerative lining, and high speed rotation provide and extremely intense blending action with a minimum amount
of cleaning and maintenance.



All main electrical components are housed in a NEMA 12 dust tight disconnect enclosure. All components are thoughtfully arranged for ease of operation and maintenance.

A small enclosure is located at the operator station and contains the control switches needed for automatic mixer operation.

The control system has a master safety relay with mixing door limit switch and emergency stop pushbuttons on both the machine cabinet and the operator station.

There are two modes of mixer operation:

“HAND” – This is a manual mode of operation which any or all aspects of the mixer are operated via two virtual position switches, located on the HMI in the door of the enclosure.

“AUTO” – In this mode of operation, all aspects of the mixer are run from a remote panel located at the operator’s station.

A single three phase electrical service is required. An internal KVA transformer housed in the enclosure provides the
120-volt control power.

Four speed settings are included. Speed setting is quick and easy for each level.

All timer functions are controlled by a PLC: pump on / off delays, slidegate on / off delays,
calibration timer, etc.

  • Main enclosure – Hoffman NEMA 12 Disconnect
  • Main control components – High Quality
  • Control transformer – High Quality
  • Main voltage requirements – 60 Amp 240/480 3 Ph 60 Hz 
  • Control voltage – 120 volt


Pumping System 

The pumping system is housed in a separate enclosure to protect the components from the plant environment.
The system will consist of:

  • Two magnetically coupled pumps
  • Two fast action stainless steel air actuated 3-way valves
  • Optional piston type catalyst metering pump for 3 part PUNB systems

The pump motors provide consistent output RPM across the operating range.

The pumps are direct coupled to the drive motors to eliminate the inaccuracy found in chain, belt, and gear reduction
couplings. The direct in-line coupling also eliminates all side load on pump bearings and packing extending the life
of the pump.

Fast response air actuated 3-way ball valves provide instant routing of chemicals to the mixing chamber.

A low pressure air jet system provides a low CFM air flow to help introduce the chemicals into the mixing chamber and
keep the mixing chamber resin ports clear. The air jet system is fully adjustable via flow controls located in the electrical enclosure.



Recirculating Pumps

  • The resin pumps run continuously and the three way ball valves divert to the mixing chamber when called on. This system is helpful in maintaining resin temperature.

Calibration Timer with Remote Start / Stop Buttons

  • The calibration timer is included with the PLC System. The PLC controls the pump on / off delay timer, slide gate on / off timer, purge timer, etc. This system has proven itself to be very reliable and easy to use.


Mixer Specifications 

Feature Standard Specification
Capacity* 400 - 1700 Pounds Per Minute
Capacity* 21 - 51 Tons Per Hour
Standard Mounting Fixed Position
Standard Electrical and Pump Enclosure Location Back Plate Mount
Mixing Chamber Door Four Bottom Hinged Doors with Quick Access Knobs - No Tools Required
Mixing Chamber Length 84"
Mixing Chamber Inside Diameter 11.374"
Mixing Chamber Wall Thickness .688"
Sand Metering Device Fixed Orifice Slidegate
Standard Drive Motor Sizing 20-40 HP - 870 RPM - Horsepower Determined by Resin System
Standard Mixing Blade Style Pinned (threaded available)
Driveshaft Diameter 5"
Standard Electrical Service Required 60 Amp 480 Volts - 3 Phase Supply

*Based on new, clean, silica sand with 3 part phenolic urethane no-bake resin with a max. addition rate of 1.5% based
on sand weight.


Common M-Series Options 

For a complete list of options, click here.


  • Extended Reach Swivel
  • Under Motor Swivel
  • Overarm Swivel
  • Full Articulation
  • Mobile Mixers
  • Skid Mounted

Pumping System


For a complete and detailed description of Palmer mixers, click here.



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