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Foundry Products:
M-Series Line Sand Mixers Models

M-Series Mixer Options

Mechanical Options

Removable Supply Hopper Our standard 3000 lbs four-way forklift removable hopper is ideal for shops that do not require large sand silos or do not have the head room for them. These hoppers are designed to hold a full bulk sack of sand to eliminate the handling of small sand sacks. Available with hopper stand for ease of installation. wpe3.jpg (18594 bytes)
Powder Feeder This flexible sided volumetric powder feeder is used to add powder materials to the mixing chamber.
CASR Swivel This option provides a slewing ring style bearing mounted below the mixing chamber that allows 270 degrees of rotation.  
Under Motor Swivel This option provides for a slewing ring style bearing mounted beneath the motor head plate for the primary swivel and allows for 270 degrees of rotation. This option is available on 300 lbs/minute and larger machines. wpe1.jpg (24291 bytes)
Over Arm Swivel This option provides for a slewing ring style bearing mounted above the mixing chamber and allows for 270 degrees of rotation. The greatest advantage of the over arm swivel is the total clearance available beneath the mixing chamber for operators, conveyors, skids, etc. This option is available on 300 lbs/minute and larger machines. wpe3.jpg (26546 bytes)



This new option allows the user to move the mixer easily using a forklift or move and use the mixer while hanging from a crane. Ideal for foundries that make large molds that require specialty facing sands or where mobile operation is a requirement. This unit is ideal for a demo machine for resin companies and other foundry consumable suppliers.
Standard Manual Articulation This option provides heavy-duty, double-pivot base and arm assembly that allows the mixer to dispense sand over a large area. Movement of the primary arm is manually powered. A conveyor belt in the primary arm delivers sand from the receiver at the center of the base to the inlet of the mixing chamber.
SM Style Articulation This option is similar to standard manual articulation with the exception that this unit rotates about the fixed base and extends in and out from the arm (Left, Right, In, Out Controls). The SM Arm rotates around a fixed base and the mixing chamber strokes in and out to affect the discharge distance. The moving appendage that the chamber is mounted to contains a belt conveyor for the delivery of sand to the chamber regardless of chamber position.

This option is standard with manual movement but both movement points can be hydraulically powered. The significant advantage of this style of arm over the standard powered articulated arm is the ease of tracing a square or rectangular pattern with a joystick. Positional sensors are available for lead through programming PLC molding systems.

wpeA.jpg (21507 bytes)
Mobile Mixing System All Palmer M-Series mixers can be outfitted onto our line of Mobile Mixing Chassis. This option is ideal for foundries that produce extremely large molds that are not easily moved after molding or for jobs that require a great deal of setup time on the floor. The included link takes you to see detailed Mobile Mixing System specifications.
Powered Primary Articulation This option utilizes a high torque electro-mechanical system coupled with a #160 chain and sprocket to power the rotation of the primary articulated arm. A left/right joystick control located in the operator control panel initiates the movement of the primary arm. wpe45.jpg (17832 bytes)
Powered Secondary Articulation This option utilizes a high torque electro-mechanical system coupled with a #120 chain and sprocket to power the rotation of the primary arm. The rotating sprocket is bolted onto the standard high load slewing ring for years of maintenance free operation. A left/right joystick control located in the operator control panel controls the movement of the mixing chamber. wpe47.jpg (19037 bytes)
Dual Sand Slidegates This option allows the operator to choose from two different sands on a core-by-core or mold-by-mold basis. A selector switch at the operator control panel determines which sand is introduced into the mixing chamber. Each slidegate is independent from the other, allowing different sand volumes for each sand. Separate pump controls allow the pumping system to automatically change resin percentage setpoints when a sand change is made. This automatic switching allows the change in sand to be made while the mixer is in operation.
Dual Sand/Blend Slidegates This option utilizes four air-actuated slidegates to provide the mixer operator with a choice of 100% Sand "A," 100% Sand "B", or a blend of both sands (Eg – Silica / Zircon / 50-50 Blend). A three-position switch, located in the operator control panel, allows the operator to change sand selection (i.e. from facing to backing sand) while the mixer is in operation. This option includes three pump setpoints, one for each sand selection. The change in pump settings is instantly effected when a change in sand is made.
Dual Flow Slidegate (High / Low Flow) – This option utilizes two slide gates which are used to meter sand into the mixing chamber at different flow rates. The upper cylinder turns the sand flow on and off. The lower cylinder has two fixed orifices for metering of sand. The system comes with dual resin levels. This option is ideal for shops that use the same mixer for molding and core making. The flow can be reduced for small core boxes or increased for larger mold boxes. wpe1.jpg (34376 bytes)
Remote Electric and Pump Enclosures This option is applicable on the M50 through M200 mixers. With a standard configuration, the pump and electrical enclosures are attached directly behind the mixing chamber base. With remote pumps, they are mounted on a stand remote of the mixer for installation against a wall, on a remote mezzanine, or any other configuration required.

Custom Height and Reach Although Palmer bases its designs on standard machines, we can easily modify a standard machine to fit your application’s needs. Most of our designs are easily modified to custom heights and reaches, simply contact us with your needs. wpe54.jpg (8961 bytes)
Polyethylene Swivel This option is a low cost version of a swivel mixer. It is used primarily for mixers that are infrequently rotated. An example would be swiveling a mixer located over a core machine hopper for cleaning. Two steel plates sandwich a ½” thick sheet of polyethylene which acts as the bearing surface. The mixing chamber is held in place with a castellated nut. wpe51.jpg (14531 bytes)
Skid Mounted Mixer All M-Series up to 300 pounds per minute can be rigidly mounted to either a forklift or wheeled skid. The photo shows both options in the same skid. wpe1.jpg (18104 bytes)
Integral Jug Rack For machines utilizing the standard electrical and pumping enclosure back plate, an integral resin jug storage rack can be installed. wpe3.jpg (27738 bytes)


Control System Options

Low Sand Alarm This option provides a proximity sensor in the sand receiver or delivery system. When the sensor is uncovered, an alarm is sounded indicating that there is a sand delivery problem.
Low Sand Interlock This option provides a proximity sensor in the sand receiver or delivery system. When the sensor is uncovered, an alarm is sounded indicating that there is a sand delivery problem. An additional relay will cause the mixer to stop mixing and enter its purge/shutdown cycle.
PLC Control System Our standard mixer control system is a PLC / HMI is AB Micrologix 1400 with a 6” C-More Color Touch Screen. For a more advanced system, the SLC 5XX Series of PLC’s are used. Call us with your specific needs.  wpe5A.jpg (15802 bytes)
Radio Remote Control Mixer wpe4B.jpg (12079 bytes)All functions of a standard mixer control panel can easily be replicated through the use of radio remote control. Ideal for filling of large or deep flasks where operator safety is of utmost importance. wpe49.jpg (17392 bytes)
Dual Speed Sand Delivery Belt Similar to dual sand flow on small mixers, dual speed belts allow for varying sand flow from articulated mixers. The user can switch easily between high and low flow as dictated by the process. Ideal for shops using the same machine to produce cores and molds or when the user needs slower fill for facing sand, small cores, etc. A two speed variable speed drive is used to control the belt drive motor speed. wpe4D.jpg (13992 bytes)
Hopper Auto-Fill System Palmer Mfg. has expanded its capabilities to provide you with nearly any storage systems including silos, hoppers, auto-fill control systems for belts, elevators, and even pneumatic transporters. Please call us with your specific needs.
Resin Auto-Fill System

The Palmer Resin Auto-Fill System is used for controlling bulk transfer of resin from primary storage tanks to day tanks. The base system is set up to control liquid levels of two independent day tanks. Two high spec proximity sensors per day tank are mounted to a sight glass directly on the front of the day tank. The sight glass is generally a piece of clear plastic or rubber tubing that is compatible with the liquids contained approximately 5/8” in diameter. When the low level sensor is clear of material (none present), a control relay in the primary electrical engages and sends a 120v control signal to the pumping system of your choice (customer supplied) to start the pumps. When the upper sensor is satisfied, the 120v signal is discontinued. No liquid contact ensures that the sensors stay clean and unaffected by the chemicals unlike others systems that use immersion sensoring techniques.

Click here for more information about bulk transfer systems.



Pumping System Option

3rd Part Pump This option provides a DC voltage precision metering pump for three part phenolic urethane applications.
Hastalloy Pump This provides a magnetically coupled Hastalloy-C pump for acid catalyst applications. This option includes a PVC air actuated 3-way ball valve.
Shear Sensitive Epoxy Systems This upgrade consists of all required components for use with the shear sensitive epoxy system or comparable resin system. It includes a stainless steel pump one and ball valve as well as a continuous cavity, non-shearing pump 2 and pneumatic pinch valve set. Note that this system is set up for recirculation of liquid components. wpe43.jpg (18469 bytes)
2nd Coreactant Pump This option works well for production floors that require two different mold set-up rates with a binder system that requires different activators for different set-up speeds. This option is commonly used with ester-cured phenolics, sodium silicates, and other binder systems where the amount of activator does not affect strip time as much as the chemical composition.
2nd Acid Pump   wpe4F.jpg (23450 bytes)
Magnetically Coupled Pumps
This option replaces the standard system pumps with magnetically coupled, micro gear pumps. The pumps are DC driven, identical to the standard pump, but they operate in a recirculating manner. The magnetic coupling provides seal-less operation, which eliminates any maintenance associated with pump shaft seal replacement. Also included with this option are recirculating diverter valves for each pump.
Mass Flow Pumping System The Mass-Flow Pumping System couples the high accuracy of self calibrating flow meters with the benefits of a totally sealed pumping system. These items, in conjunction with the PLC control system, variable speed motor controls, and positive displacement magnetically coupled external gear pumps, will accurately meter in the desired amount of material to the sand mixing chamber. This system has multiple output levels – each with a visual and audible high and low flow alarm that is set at a percentage of setpoint. A four-position switch for remote mounting is included. The output of each chemical pump is displayed on the operator interface screen. Both displays will be read to the desired engineering units. The operator interface will be mounted in the main enclosures (unless otherwise specified). The Coriolis Mass Flowmeters are the most precise meters available. They eliminate the gear clogging encountered with volumetric meters. These design features focus on maximizing reliability and durability and minimizing vulnerability to measurement noise. These meters use thicker tube walls to eliminate mechanical fatigue due to sensor wear and stress due to vibration. All input and output signals are scanned and updated ten times per second. The Mass Flow Pumping Systems maintain consistent flow if the chemical viscosity changes when minor kinking of lines occurs.
Trial Pumping System This option is ideal for foundries that regularly perform trials or switch binder systems. The standard pumping system pictured is easily interchangeable and upgradeable. For a full description of the controls and capabilities, refer to the Retrofit Pumping System section of this web-site.


Kit Mixer Program


Other Options

Anything that you need or desire can generally be accomplished. Call our offices or send us an E-Mail if the options or accessories that you require are not listed.

For a complete and detailed description of Palmer mixers, click here.




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