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PAS5000 Melt Quality Control System


The Palmer PAS5000 represents a breakthrough in hydrogen porosity control of the aluminum melt and castings. With precise computerized control of the vacuum setting and quick automated measurements of sample density, the long-standing problem of operator variation is virtually eliminated. The setting parameter inputs are located on a password protected HMI screen to be set by quality or engineering, while the test screens guide the operator through each action making on-floor operation of the unit simple, quick, and accurate ensuring the tests are run correctly each and every time. The PAS5000 is the only system on the market with the ability to perform and report RPT sample density, % Porosity, and Density Index all in one machine. Test results are stored by date/time, vacuum setting, and alloy along with company information, such as furnace number and part number. Data can be directly exported to a SCADA system or retrieved through either the easy access USB port or ethernet port. In addition, a built-in strip printer allows for the results to be printed and attached to a traveler or quality paperwork.

Designed by Foundry Engineers, the PAS5000 is built tough for daily foundry floor operation while meeting the most stringent quality system requirements of the end customer.


  • Digital HMI interface to Allen Bradley PLC
  • Password protected Set-up Screen to enter test parameters such as vacuum level, solidification timing, and to populate drop-down menus for alloys and company information
  • Calibration screen to check and record calibration using the included certified calibration standard
  • Precision digital control of vacuum setting eliminates operator from manually setting a gauge and the inherent variables
  • Automatic ABORT mode if vacuum level is not reached or maintained ensuring sample is run correctly
  • Report results by sample Density (S.G.), % Porosity, or Density Index Number
  • Data stored to PLC and/or directly exported to SCADA system.
  • USB and Ethernet port to access data on PLC
  • Built-in strip printer to print results for attaching to quality paperwork
  • Machined aluminum vacuum dome with high temperature glass viewing window
  • Industrial Ohaus computerized scale system with wide access trays for easy operation on the foundry floor
  • Internal industrial vacuum pump with external easy access to vacuum line filter
  • Built-in sample quenching station
  • Heavy duty welded steel frame
  • Stainless steel working top and transport handle
  • Large 8" solid rubber wheels for easy moving around plant
  • Locking 16"x13"x5" storage drawer
  • Drop-down front steel cover to keep HMI, Printer, and Scale dust free
  • Internal LED lighting in measurement station


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