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Palmer installations at
ECK Industries,
American Foundry Group,
Olson Aluminum, Dualtech Foundry and
Whiting-Turner Contracting

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Video Dualtech Foundry Installation
Video Olson Aluminum Installation
Video AFG Installation (UMM)
Article AFG Installation (UMM)


Whiting-Turner Contracting

In 2020, Palmer completed a molding system installation for Whiting-Turner Contracting.

"It has certainly been a pleasure doing business with everyone at Palmer. Your engineering team was very responsive throughout the entire process. Brandon Myers was excellent at responding to all questions, concerns, and managing the installation and training. We also appreciated being able to come to the Palmer production facility to inspect the equipment. Additionally, we felt your technical sales staff did a great job in explaining the system prior to purchase.

Our system arrived in excellent condition and your team did a great job completing the installation despite the difficult environment. Most importantly, Palmer responded to punch list items in a timely manner. I wish to also highlight the professional and informative training provided by both Brandon Myers and Ken Strausbaugh with the owner and operators. We are pleased to also report that the Palmer mixer and equipment in the foundry are performing well."

Shelly Christman, Certified GGP, AM-ASCE
Project Manager
The Whiting-Turner Contracting Company

ECK Industries

New No-Bake Line for Eck Industries

Palmer Manufacturing & Supply system expands capacity, improves ergonomics, lowers production costs

Click here to see Palmer's latest foundry technology that was deployed: ECK Industries Installation.


American Foundry Group

American Foundry Group (AFG) ia a consortium of foundries producing steel castings.

In 2013 their Bixby, Oklahoma foundry underwent a green sand to no-bake conversion and features the
Palmer Universal Molding Machine (UMM).

Click here to see Palmer's latest foundry technology that was deployed: American Foundry Group Installation.



A devastating fire destroyed Dualtech's foundry. Palmer was called to replace damaged equipment -- to get them quickly up-and-running. 

Click here to see photo gallery showcasing Palmer's latest foundry technology that was deployed: Dualtech Installation.


Olson Aluminum Castings

The aluminum green sand caster decided to add capacity and flexibility with a new no-bake line in 2011.

Olson Aluminum, which operates one shift with 50 employees, was considering adding a second shift. Now, with the help of Palmer Manufacturing, its completed no-bake casting system gave the  company the ability to significantly increase its total production with the existing labor force. 

Click here to see photo gallery showcasing Palmer's latest foundry technology that was deployed: Olson Installation.








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