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Palmer FracHeat - Frac Resin/Chemical Heater (FH)

Palmer Manufacturing has specialized in the processing of sands in its 40 years of business. We know sand. If you are looking for a simple continuous or batch resin/chemical heater for proppant production using silica and other frac sands, we can help. Palmer makes electric resin/chemical heaters up to 300kW. Tonnage output varies with the required output temperature, but we have sold individual systems up to 60 tons per hour. However, with our modular design, a simple sand splitter and some pipe allows you to use parallel processing units to meet your tonnage requirements.

Why use electric heat? Simplicity and safety. Our SCR controlled heaters are simple to install, operate, and maintain. While gas units are often larger in single unit capacity, they are also vastly more complicated (and explosive) if improperly maintained. The Palmer FH series for silica frac sand is designed for simplicity.

Batch or Continuous?

Many current coating plants use batch mixing processes. In other words, put 6000# of sand in the mixer, add chemical components, and mix for some predetermined time. Palmer can utilize its existing design for this style of heating. Essentially, some amount of sand enters the heater body, the sand is heated to a predetermined temperature and then the entire batch is released to the next process.


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An alternative to this is using a continuously fed heater that constantly puts out, let’s say, 1000 lbs per minute at a predetermined temperature. A batch hopper before and after the heater allows the heater to run continuously while still batching into your mixing equipment.

A last alternative is to use a constant flow continuous heater to feed a constant flow continuous mixer. In this case, the entire system runs at, say 1000 lbs / minute, without surges, starting, and stopping. Once the process is up to speed it runs continuously greatly stabilizing the process flow.

SCR Controls

Palmer uses SCR element controls exclusively. They cost a bit more on the front side, but provide long term savings in energy usage, process control, and component life. Using SCR’s we are able to accurately meter the amount of energy being applied to the sand. So rather than turning on and off a large bank of heating elements, which causes thermal cycling and fatigue, we simply regulate the amount of power applied to the elements in smooth transitions greatly improving element life.

What can we heat?

  • Resins
  • Chemicals
  • Sand
  • Ceramic Sphere
  • Free Flowing Minerals
  • Frac Resin/Chemical Heaters (FH) are of a fluidized bed design. So, if we can fluidize the material, we can heat it. Gas fired fluid beds are also available. Not sure if it is right for your material? Send us a sample and we will test it for free.

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