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If you need a No-Bake, Mixer, Molding or Coremaking training we can offer you that at our facility or yours in both English and Spanish.


Palmer Manufacturing & Supply is pleased to endorse the following aluminum casting & metallurgy class offered by The Foundry Way

The Foundry Way Learning Center, brings real life foundry learning to you. Whether you work in the foundry or for a company who purchases aluminum castings, our down-to-earth aluminum casting courses will benefit you. Our unique format integrates classroom learning with hands-on laboratory analysis and foundry techniques to ensure participants leave with a lasting understand of the critical processes and controls required to produce a good casting. In order to provide personal attention to each attendee, our aluminum casting classes are limited to 8 participants. Attendees are encouraged to bring their casting issues to the class in the form of questions or actual castings.

Aluminum Casting and Metallurgy – 2 Day Course

This two day aluminum casting course covers the aluminum casting process from material selection through casting, processing, controls, and inspection. Critical processes are covered in detail with hands-on casting, metallurgy, and inspection techniques employed to ensure participants leave with a lasting understanding.

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The Foundry Way, LLC
5100 River Valley Road
Milford, Ohio 45150
Tel: 513-831-8777


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