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Installations: ECK Industries

New No-Bake Line for Eck Industries

Palmer Manufacturing & Supply system expands capacity, improves ergonomics, lowers production costs

Eck Industries Inc. recently installed a Palmer Manufacturing & Supply no-bake molding line to established additional capacity, improve manufacturing ergonomics, and reduce production costs for large aluminum castings. The Manitowoc, WI, foundry specializes in aluminum parts supplied to aviation, defense, hybrid and off-road vehicles, as well as commercial markets.

In addition to no-bake molds, Eck Industries’ parts are available as sand, permanent mold, and low-pressure permanent mold castings.

“We are excited to offer our customers additional capacity and improved working conditions for our employees,” stated Kiley Eck Hayon, the foundry’s president.

The new molding line includes state-of-the-art programmable logic controls; powered conveyors from molding to pouring; a mass-flow binder control system; and a rollover capable of handling mold sections measuring up to a 72x48x36 inches.

The highly flexible molding line allows the foundry to run up to eight mold boxes in the loop, with multiple part molds, mold coating, and multiple core sets.

“The addition of this equipment has given us a cost, throughput and ergonomic advantage which will make us more competitive in this line of work for years to come,” according to Hayon.

Palmer Manufacturing & Supply is widely recognized for its line of heavy-duty no-bake foundry equipment, including sand mixers, molding systems, core room equipment, sand reclamation, mold handlers, pumping systems, resin heating systems, sand conditioning, compaction tables, mold and core coating equipment, and complete systems and engineering services.



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