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SCS Shuttle Car System

The SCS Shuttle Car Distribution System provides the equipment and controls to automatically deliver mixed sand batches from any batch or continuous mixer to any core machine fed by the system.

The advantage to this system is reduced maintenance and calibration since only one mixer is required to feed multiple core machines.

The SCS is supplied as a complete system including car, controls, track system, and festoon system.

Delivery Car

The SCS car is a compact, easy access vehicle that travels on solid axle, flanged wheels. The car includes apolyethylene 60° hopper that allows the sand to slip out of the car and into the core machine hopper. This replaceable hopper allows minimal buildup and provides simple cleanup. A high frequency electric vibrator aids in the removal of sand from the car, minimizing sand buildup.

Included are safety rail bumpers on each end of the car that will disable the system in the event that the car encounters a person or object. A lighted beacon and warning buzzer are mounted on the car to warn operators of impending motion. 

Drive System

The SCS car body travels on a set of four 8" diameter cast iron wheels. High quality pillow block bearings support the 2" diameter axles for years of trouble free service. The drive chain is #60 and is powered by a 1 HP three phase motor. An in line brake is included as standard equipment for safety reasons. Standard run rate is 100 feet/minute but this can be increased on high speed systems

Door Assembly

The SCS door assembly is built around the concept of rugged durability. The door is driven by a high force linear actuator. The door is constructed of ultra high molecular weight polyethylene and includes integral wiping. The entire door hopper is lined with UHMWPE for reduced sand sticking.

PLC Control System

This system governs the operation of the SCS shuttle car and gives necessary instructions to the mixing system being used. There are both manual and automatic modes of operation for the mixer and SCS system, as well as calibration and resin level selection.

The standard control system includes logic for five core machines, one home position, and one cleanout position. Additional logic can be added as an option.

Four batch recipes that can be assigned to any of the core machines (zones) are standard. The mixer to be used with the system must be capable of the quantity of resin levels to be used. This allows for maximum flexibility of operation with the minimum of complexity.

Included is a 3-button operator enclosure for each core machine. These enclosures contain an emergency stop switch, a lighted push button, and a HAND-OFF-AUTO switch. In OFF, the core machine is de-activated from the system. In AUTO, the SCS will deliver sand based on a level switch in the core machine hopper. In HAND, the operator can manually call for a batch by pushing the lighted push button.

On Board Controls

The SCS car has built in controls for the primary function items located on the car body. Housed in this system are the motor starters, door speed controllers, safety interlock circuit, and minor logic circuitry. Location of these items in the car greatly lessen the wiring requirements in the festoon cable system. 

Track Festooning Cable

The SCS rail is ASCE 20-lb standard rail. The rail is provided in sections that bolt together and attach to the customer’s existing mezzanine or support device. Included are positive stops for each end of the track that will activate the safety bumpers and prevent the car from leaving the end of the track.

The festooning cable system that connects the car to the PLC controls includes all support arms, festooning track, and cable supports required for the specified length of the run. 

Easy Access Panels

The sides of the car body are easily removable to allow for cleaning and maintenance. The inside of the car is roomy, allowing for quick and easy service. All primary operating components are standard, off-the-shelf items that can be found at most high quality industrial supply houses.

Available Sizes:

  • 1 Cubic Foot 
  • 2.5 Cubic Feet 
  • 5 Cubic Feet 
  • 10 Cubic Feet

Options to Consider:

  • High Speed / Dual Speed System 
  • Multiple Resin Levels 
  • Continuous Mixing System 
  • Batch Mixing System






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