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Foundry Products:
Overview of the Coremaker™ Core Blower


  • High Productivity
  • Works with all air setting and cold box binder systems
  • Simple, Rugged Design
  • Ideal for small to mid-sized jobbing foundries
  • Blow cores and mold with the same machine with swivel mixer


  • Fill timer for control of any continuous or batch mixer
  • Warning timer and buzzer for advance notice of work time expiration
  • 120V Operation
  • Spare parts are available from full service industrial supply houses or Palmer inventory.


The COREMAKER was designed to provide small to mid-sized jobbing foundries a simple, dependable, low cost core blower. The approach Palmer has taken in this product greatly reduces the overall equipment cost for blown cores by eliminating expensive, non-essential controls and gadgets. The COREMAKER comes with a M-Series Swivel Mixer to make cores and sizeable molds. Molds and cores can be produced on the same machine!

A primary consideration in the design of the COREMAKER was productivity. Through time studies, it has been determined that it is more efficient to blow multiple core boxes from the same chamber of sand instead of “batched” mixes for each core.

Once the sand is mixed, a preset timer set to the work time of the chemical system being used begins its countdown. The operator will continue to blow cores until a warning buzzer indicates that the resin system work time has expired or he has discharged all of the sand from the chamber.

After the buzzer sounds, the operator will remove the corebox and initiate the purge. As standard, the system is designed to purge into a 5-gallon bucket for easy handling and disposal.

After the purge is complete, the operator will initiate a refill of the magazine, and resume blowing cores.

Blow Chamber Filling

The blow chamber is filled in the blow position (no swinging or transfer of the blow chamber is required). A super duty slide gate retracts the top blow chamber seal to allow mixed sand to drop into the blow chamber. The mixer runs for a preset time. This time is easily adjustable based on the cores to be run and production method.

Once filling is complete, the chamber seal plate is returned to the blow position and the machine waits for the operator to indicate readiness to clamp and blow.


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Blow Chamber

The blow chamber consists of a heavy wall steel fabrication with a smooth steel lining. The steel fabrication is designed to provide a lifetime of service.

Generally, the smoother the blow chamber surface, the less frequent cleaning will be required. Proper cleaning practice is essential to cleaning and maintenance reduction. A planned application of mold release extends the time between cleanings and life of the blow head.

The COREMAKER comes configured as a 25, 50, 100, or 200 pound blow.


Pressure Manifold

The pneumatic system of the COREMAKER consists of a large volume surge tank for consistent blow pressure and volume, and the clamp and blow manifold pictured to the left. Blow pressure is easily visible and adjustable for the operator. Blow pressure is visible in the control enclosure face as well as directly on the blow chamber. The pneumatic control system includes all required control elements. All the customer is responsible for supplying is clean, dry compressed air at 90 PSI minimum through a non-restricted air line sized per the recommended line size.

The air for blowing cores is tangentially injected into the blow chamber. Nominal line sizing is 1” or 2" depending on blow chamber size. Direct fed air from the pressure tank ensures maximum blow pressure and flow.


Clamping Table

Dual 6" bore core box clamping cylinders and a heavy (1-1/2" thick) 24" x 30" table fitted on a high tolerance, super-duty die set clamp the core box to be blown between the table and seal surface of the blow chamber. This design allows for constantly changing core box heights without any adjustment being made to the blow chamber.

Note that the table clamp controls consist of two momentary push buttons, keeping the operator's hands free of moving parts. This methodology although simple, is effective in preventing injuries. Additionally, the COREMAKER is outfitted with a simple interlocked door limit switch to prevent operation of the clamping table with the door open.

The clamping table is raised until the blow chamber is sealed after which the operator will initiate blowing.

Blow Chamber Purge

To purge the CM, the corebox is removed from the work table and the table is raised fully to the clamping position. The blow cycle is then initiated, purging the chamber. A hole in the center of the work table allows the purged sand to blow directly through the plate into a 5 gallon bucket for disposal.

For clarity, it is far better to run tightly controlled amounts of sand to prevent waste. The excellent repeatability of the blow system allows for tight batch run control, minimizing waste.

Since the operator does not have to move the blow chamber to clean, productivity is greatly enhanced by eliminating wasted motion.



The operator has direct control of the fill time and blow pressure. The fill time is controlled by an adjustable, high-resolution timer located within the control enclosure.

The heart of the system controls is a state of the art smart relay. This relay imparts the power and flexibility of a PLC and display at a fraction of the cost.

All function timers are adjusted on the smart relay interface screen.


Safety Door

As a safety precaution for operators, the COREMAKER comes standard with a durable hinged door. This door not only prevents nuisance sand from escaping the core box blowing area, but also protects the operator from injury due to core box failure. The door is interlocked to the clamp function such that the table will not clamp unless this door is closed.


Side Discharging Molding

Perhaps the greatest advantage to the COREMAKER is its flexibility. The COREMAKER comes with a mixer swivel if a mixer is ordered. Not only does it make cleaning easier but also yields the added benefit of bench molding or conveyor loop molding to the side of the machine. This provides a small jobbing foundry with ultimate core making flexibility at the lowest cost possible.

Order of Operation - No-Bake

  • Operator initiates mixer fill sequence
  • Filling is completed and work timer starts
  • Blow chamber is sealed
  • Operator places core box on clamping table
  • Operator depresses clamping initiation buttons (dual push buttons eliminate the ability to cycle the machine with the operator's hands inside.
  • After the core box is clamped and sealed, the operator depresses the blow button.
  • Blowing continues for as many core boxes as are required to empty the blow chamber or reach the work time. If sand remains in the chamber after the work time expires, a warning buzzer sounds to advise operator that purge is required.
  • Operator initiates purge (if the buzzer sounds) or when all sand is dispensed.
  • Cycle is repeated.

Order of Operation - Cold Box

  • Operator initiates mixer fill sequence
  • Filling is completed
  • Blow chamber is sealed
  • Operator places core box on clamping table
  • Operator depresses blow initiation button. The unit then automatically clamps, blows, releases, gas head in, clamp, gas, purge, release and retract gas head.
  • Operator initiates purge (if desired)
  • Cycle is repeated.



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