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Universal Molding Machine (UMM)


In any jobbing foundry, all products are variable. Tooling is often new, old, cope/drag, matchplate, green sand, no-bake, shell, metal, wood, plastic, or any combination thereof. Quantities can range from 1 or 2 pieces up to hundreds or thousands. The Palmer UMM was designed to be a high production No-Bake molding system with low capital costs that could make No-bake molds with any of this tooling with---minimal set-up, minimal tooling modifications, and unskilled laborers.


How it Works

The UMM tooling frames were designed to accept cope / drag no-bake boxes where they are mounted back to back and run matchplate style, as well as any type or size of green sand tooling. The ability to accept either green sand or No-bake tooling is an innovation that allows any modern jobbing metalcasting foundry to be flexible with their production and more efficient.

The UMM is the pinnacle in automated molding as it takes carousel molding to an entirely new dimension by its ability to use existing green sand tooling to make no-bake molds. Green sand matchplates only need a simple 2x wooden box mounted to both sides and then fastened to the tooling frame, and No-Bake drag boxes are simply mounted to the tooling famed as is.


Production Rates

Production rates of 20 mold per hour with the 2-station UMM are easily achieved with one operator. Mold per hour rates of 65 are reached with
2 – 3 operators with a 6-station UMM.


No Rollover Needed

The greatest advantage of the Palmer UMM is that high mold production rates can be achieved WITHOUT A ROLLOVER! Because the pattern is inverted automatically and drawn onto a precision scissors lift, a rollover isn't necessary and any amount of daylight is available at no additional expense.

Therefore, a standard UMM can draw a 4" deep box and then draw a 36" or deeper box – AT NO ADDITIONAL COST! The Palmer UMM is truly a revolutionary system. A UMM system, complete with a mixer can be purchased and installed for less than the cost of just a rollover in a traditional loop.



UMM 2, 4, and 6-stations with capacities from 12x12 4/4 to 60x60 36/36 are available.


"The Future Standard"

The Palmer UMM is the next evolution in automated no-bake molding technology or what we call "The Future Standard.” This is a Palmer innovation that was proudly designed, engineered, and made in the USA in our Springfield, Ohio production facility.



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